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At Kilmarnock Car Breakers we pride ourselves on our part- worn tyres service, a service where we supply and fit part-worn tyres for all our customers. Through this service we provided great value for money and fantastic quality products for every one of our customers. By buying a part-worn tyre through Kilmarnock Car Breakers you will save on average one third of the price of buying a brand new tyre.

Not only does buying good quality part-worn tyres from us save you money but it also helps to save the environment as by using part-worn tyres the number of tyres that need to be disposed of is reduced meaning that fewer toxins are released into the environment.

All our tyres are carefully checked to insure that only the very best quality part-worn tyres are sold to our customers

Part Worn Tyres in Kilmarnock

At Kilmarnock Car Breakers as part of our service one of our experienced members of staff will fit and balance your part-worn tyres free of charge.

We have a large stock of different sizes of part-worn tyres that are available at all times of the year with prices starting from £14.00 per tyre and increasing in price depending on the size of the tyres required for your vehicle.

As part of our service Kilmarnock car Breakers will dispose of your old and redundant tyres for a small charge. The disposal of your old tyres is done by companies that we have selected due to the fact that the companies are registered and authorised by the SEPA, as this means that the tyres will be disposed of in a responsible and environmentally friendly way, therefore reducing any potential impact that the tyres could have on the local environment.

Along with our large range of part-worn tyres we also have a wide selections of used alloy wheels that can be put on your car to give it a more modern and attractive look.

If you are interested in part-worn tyres or alloy wheels please get in touch and we will discuss what we can do to insure that you get the correct tyres and the best service that we can offer.

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